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"...att genom min egen livsstil och livsgnista tända andra människors hjärtan, att inspirera dem, att dela med dem mina egna erfarenheter och upplevelser för att skapa en bättre tillvaro tillsammans och att de också hittar sina egna talanger så att de kan förverkliga sig själva." 

Painter, Tatiana Olsson was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. For the moment she stays in Sweden. Tatiana Olsson can see in the world of vision for legend. The artist has near death experience in year 2004, in a traffic accident. And this was the beginning of her creation as an artist.

The Consent of vision and perception of light, silence, tranquility and deep joy, unconditional and universal love is reflected in her paintings, which allowed viewers to come to understanding the relation Man-Universe. In her large canvases Tanja is a master of full specter of the blue color language.

Artist is interested in the feelings and emotions that her art is inspiring in people and invites them to find the meaning of her paintings and express those feelings. Happy rest our eyes on her big visions of space and Galaxies with their metallic shimmer, which gives depth and a kind of motion in a multicolored spectrum of the Universe.

1991 - Extramural fakulteten: University of people's "Arts & crafts"; Moscow, Russia.
1997 - University of Lund, Sweden, faculty för philology, (BA philosophy)
2002 - Int University Bransch, Jönköping, Sweden. Faculty: "Fine art" i educational faculty, "Black and white technology"
2007 - "The secret of art", France
2008, 2009 - "Icon paintings", Valaam monastery, Finland.
2008 -2015 - ”Vedic art”, Sweden
2011 – 2012 – Private lessons in portrait paintings for A.I.Osipov, Moskva; professor in fine arts, president of the Russian Artists association.

2013 Skövde Konstskola

2014 Kiruna Konstskola Med flera

The artist Tatiana Olsson is:

  • Member of International Arts Fund, Moscow
  • Association of Artists
  • Member of International Professional artist
  • Member of the Association of artists in the National Portrait Gallery
  • Member of the Russian Association of professional medical and traditional medicine. (RANM)

    The artist is participants and winners of numerous exhibitions and competitions in our country and abroad. The artist conducts seminars, work-shops, both for adults and for children. As well as she shared her knowledge and inspired employees academic V.I. Dikulâ in his medical center in Moscow. On the recommendation of the Association of artists Gymnas, professor of art, A.I.Osipov, Moscow, attended a symposium in Lithuania in June 2011.

    Paintings are available on the website of the International Register of Art. Her paintings adorning the Center for rehabilitation, academician V.I.Dikul; founding School of hypnosis in Moscow G.A. Goncharova; RANM's President in Moscow, V.V.Yegorov; Ayurvedic Center, Dr. I.I.Vetrov (S: t Petersburg, Russia), medical center “Predtecha” in Moskow, and many others, as well as in churches, ashramer and private collections in our country and many countres abroad (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, India, Thailand, Greece and others). Photographs of the works of the artist are published in domestic and foreign catalogues and magazines, as well as illustrations in a book by R.Martinssona, "The Jumping ant", 2009, Sweden.

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